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This week's local news - July 18 - 21, 2013.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Police to hold mediation

Lae police to hold mediation following fights

POLICE have organised a peace mediation between the warring parties yesterday following the recent fights at Nawae Block in Lae which claimed the life of a young Sepik youth and destructions to the trade stores and other properties worth thousands of kina on Thursday.
The violence was sparked of by supporters of Maroon team which beat Blues in the final of State of Origin match which was played in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday July 17.
The supporters of the victorious Maroons side from Bundi Camp went to look for homebrew at Nawae Block and teased the supporters of Blues over their loss which sparked the whole trouble between the youths from the two settlements in Lae.
Lae police operations commander Inspector Fred Kaiwa told Sunday Chronicle yesterday they have organised the peace mediation between the warring parties to resolve the matter in a peaceful manner to avoid further bloodshed and destructions to public properties.
“We appealing to the community to turn up to attend the mediation and to allow the normal course of law to take precedence over any revenge or retaliatory attacks on the people who were responsible for the burning and looting of the shops,” Mr Kaiwa said.
The situation is reported quiet but tense as police personnel were deployed on the ground and were monitoring the situation very closely to avoid further trouble from erupting or spilled over to the nearby settlements in Lae.
Meanwhile many women and children were scared of wandering about in the settlements and were kept indoors following the fight and destructions of the properties.
Many peace loving and law abiding people have called on the government to ban the live telecast of State of Origin matches in PNG as it has created a lot of problems for the people of this country.
“Why should we waste our time supporting the two teams Blues and Maroons as they won’t replace the lost lives or rebuild the properties destroyed in the fire by supporters of the players and teams playing in the State Of Origin as none of the players don’t know any of their supporters in this country,” Francis Imodo of Lae said after learning of the fight and destruction to the trade stores.

 “We should be ashamed of ourselves as we are wasting our time killing each other and destroying properties worth millions of kina.”

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