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This week's local news - July 18 - 21, 2013.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Lae police chief defends his men over negative reports

Police are present in Lae: Commander

POLICE are always present in Lae city and have not been absent while its response units are working but crimes are committed when they see a gap. All crimes are being investigated separately.
Police have been working under trying times, ensuring lives and properties of the residents, including business houses, are not disturbed. But police will not be out there all the time.
Metropolitan Commander Superintendent Iven Lakatani said this in response to the Post-Courier’s front page story on Friday, titled: Police ‘absence.’
“We are not absent as reported in the newspaper. We are here in the city and patrolling the streets of the city every day and night. But we cannot be everywhere at the same time. Hence, the resident at all the times must be security conscious,” he said.
He said with the LLG elections, he had assigned other police personnel to provide sta
Superintendent Iven Lakatani inspects a parade at Bumbu Police Barracks in Lae recently.

He said recently, there were reports of disturbances at the Miles area, the Back Road and other pockets of disturbances around the metropolitan area and they were attending to them.
tic guard duties at the counting venues while their rapid and other support units, patrols the streets and show police visibility.
He said with limited resources and logistical support, they are doing their best to contain the lawlessness in the city and what happened during the week as reported in the newspaper is an isolated incident and police are conducting separate investigations.
He said crimes committed all over the world and it is not new and having said that, it does not give them the leeway to distance themselves but continue to uphold their fundamental duties in the police service.
He said the report of Papua Compound robbery, involving an Asian and his store goods was reported and when police went to attended, the looters, comprising children and adults had gone into hiding in the surrounding settlement.
“Most of such incidents or crimes are committed by people living in the settlements. Therefore the issue of settlement encroaching in the city must be addressed immediately,” he said.
He said regarding the disturbances including the death and subsequent looting and arson at Nawae Block, police is conducting a separate investigation.
He said he had gone into Bundi Camp and Nawae Block on Thursday with his police personnel and cleared the barricades. He also talked to and arranged with the community leaders to maintain peace and assist police in the investigation of the alleged incidents.
Mr Lakatani said the incident took place soon after the third State of Origin game where, some youths from the nearby Bundi Camp were attacked at Nawae Block.
They retaliated and in the ensuing incident, a Sepik youth was killed and a store and several houses were burnt down.
A police respond unit was dispatch to check on the incident when it was first reported on that night but upon arrival. Some unknown youths, in the cover of darkness, stoned the patrol unit and it retreated.
No suspects have been identified and investigations continuing.

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