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Sunday, April 4, 2010

UPNG to boost training for doctors


THE SCHOOL of Medicine and the Health Sciences of the University of Papua New Guinea established a strategic vision and plan to train enough doctors and medical specialists to serve the country with their head, hand and heart.

The 3H (head, hand & heart) therapy was identified as central to the service provision of all medical doctors and specialists in the country during a two-day strategic planning meeting at Loloata Island resort last week. 

Medical professors and academics from the University of Papua New Guinea, the Taurama Campus, Institute of Medical Research (IMR) in Goroka and partners from Flinders University in Australia gathered at Loloata Island Resort to map out the strategy.

It was identified that medical specialists and doctors needed to be trained for the rural health centers.  For these doctors to serve in their designated areas, they needed sound knowledge of the kind of services to be provided.

"We wish to produce doctors and medical specialists who can use the head, hand and heart combination to serve the health needs of our people in this country," Dr. Isi Kevau, Dean of the School of Medicine and Health Science at the Taurama Campus in Port Moresby said.

Dr. Kevau said that the school has been producing professionals for 50 years. 

"After 50 years, the faculty is taking stock of how far we came and is strategizing for the next 50," Dr. Kevau said.

A detailed and well-defined strategy is being put together to garner a strategic medical approach to the masses of this nation.

"The Medical School is poised to produce doctors and medical specialists who have the brain (head), the skills (hand) and (love) the heart to serve in the rural health centers.  We wish to achieve this through this vision and strategy," Dr. Kevau said.

Renovation of all existing buildings, well equipped modern computerized learning facilities, research centers and construction of new facilities including lecture rooms, training facilities and equipments have been blended into this strategic approach to lift the profile of the premier learning institution.

The School of Medicine and Health Science is the only institution in this country that produced many medical specialists in PNG and Solomon Islands.  It was formerly the Papuan Nursing College and later became a Faculty of the University of Papua New Guinea.  In July this year, the premier institution will celebrate its 50 years of producing doctors in the country. 

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