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This week's local news - July 18 - 21, 2013.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

PPP confirms candidate for Rai Coast by-election

PNG's  PEOPLE'S Progress Party (PPP) has finally confirmed the endorsement of Henry Malompi Bayema as its candidate to contest the Rai Coast Open by-election.

 This comes after resolving certain misunderstandings between Mr Bayema and party executives.
Reports received from Madang indicate the candidate Henry Malompi Bayema has nominated as an independent due to miscommunication between the party's executives and the candidate but since then PPP executives were on the ground in Madang last week and have sorted out those issues.

Candidate Mr. Henry Bayema has written to the Madang Provincial electoral office in Madang to advice them of his party alliance and endorsement while a copy will be delivered to the electoral commissions office in Port Moresby this week by PPP's general secretary, Amos Daniels.

Mr. Daniels while accepting the endorsement of Mr. Henry maintained that the party's commitment to the rural areas of Papua New Guinea is what the party stands for and cannot just seat back and watch the by-elections pass by.

"PPP must be part of every democratic process and must be well represented in all regions politically as PPP has got a lot to offer to the people of Papua New Guinea when in government."

The party's deputy leader and member for Bulolo, Sam Basil also while welcoming their candidate for the Rai Coast Open seat said the Rai Coast people from Astrolabe Bay LLG, Naho Rawa, Saidor and Nayudos Amon deserve a strong leader especially when the Rai Coast electorate is classed as the second least developed district in PNG where the bulk of the electorate is very rural and hard to reach.

"The development of Ramu Nickel mine also has brought a lot of issues from the concerned landowners, affected communities regarding spin offs and benefits and environmental concerns raised by the NGOs.

"The PPP members of parliament and its aliias will physically show the people of Rai Coast during the campaign period that we are all concerned about the future of this nation and the only way to exercise those rights is through the democratic way of a fair and a just election.

"The problems this nation is facing begins from the elected leaders from the floor of parliament, if you have bad leaders then you get a sub-standard leadership often riddled with corruption.

Mr Basil further noted that many past elections have seen cash and gifts being offered by the dominant and powerful political parties which always brings them back into power which has set a bad precedent in the way electioneering is done in PNG.

He said the urban areas of PNG including rural electorates who have easy access to the media and a sound knowledge of the politics of the day can produce a good and fair leader from the available information which needs not to be preached by the candidates themselves.

"Meanwhile the very remote electorates are prone to be bribed and conned into many unrealistic issues where they can easily vote without considering the pros and cons of the situations which often lead to the negative sentiments being expressed by the rural people of being neglected by the Waigani Government time and time again.

"This must change and the MPs from the opposition themselves will walk the track and spend time with the people on the ground to explain in detail the current situation in parliament. Also the general on-the-ground situation this country is facing which the rural people have limited access to due to the hardship of accessing media coverage in the rural settings."

Mr. Basil stressed a major political change should begin in the 2012 elections and Rai Coast by-election should set the precedent and pave a way forward for a regime change come 2012, Mr Basil said.

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