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Sunday, April 4, 2010

PNG undergoes International crime workshop


PEOPLE who commit crimes in Papua New Guinea and take refuge in other countries or foreigners hiding here after committing crimes in other parts of the world can no longer run loose.

A two-day workshop this week has given enough teeth to law enforcement agencies to capture and prosecute such people under the International Crime Cooperation Act.  The Public Prosecutors office organized and facilitated the workshop for agencies that prosecute such crimes.

The workshop came about after the much-publicised Julian Moti case.  It was believed that the staff at the execution level were unaware of the processes and procedures to follow in handling those implicated of breaching laws of one country but taking refuge or living in another.  

A senior officer with the Public Prosecutor department said that the workshop was organized to orient service agencies to be acquainted with the processes and procedures in capturing and prosecuting international crimes. 

The agencies represented include Customs, Attorney General, Police, Law Society, Foreign Affairs, Australian Federal Police, Australian Attorney General, Ombudsman Commission, Prime Minister's Department, Labor and Industry, Interpol, Police Fraud Unit, Transnational Crime Unit and Private Lawyers.

They have been equipped now with the knowledge and skills in investigation, interrogations and arresting individuals or people accused of committing crimes in another country but living in PNG or commit crimes in here and take refuge in other parts of the world.

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