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Sunday, April 4, 2010

PNG growers, exporters query research and extension levies

GROWERS and exporters alike in the East Sepik are questioning the PNG Cocoa Board (PNGCB) on the whereabouts of research and extension levies.

Agriculture Scientist and Cocoa Coconut Project (ACCP) Manager, Stephen Mombi sounded the alarm after so much was happening at PNGCB hierarchy in spite of the fact that there is no legal board in place.

The "no board" scenario has been the norm since 2007 all to the ignorance of Agriculture and Livestock Minister John Hickey, his Secretary Anton Benjamin and the Government of PNG, claimed Mr Mombi.

"PNG's total cocoa exports stood around 56, 000 metric tones at the rate of K20 per tone some K1.12 million must have been collected by PMGCB.

"By law (statutory obligation) PNGCB is supposed to pass on that money to PNG Cocoa Coconut Institute to carry out its primary function of research and extension.

"Right now PNGCB is not doing that; instead it encroaching on the primary functions of PNGCCI.
"PNGCB roles and functions s are to regulate, plan and divulge in policy matters and importantly look for better overseas markets and increase cocoa production in the country," Mr. Mombi said.

He called on the National Government to intervene and rectify the mess within the cocoa industry sooner rather than later.

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