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Sunday, April 4, 2010

PNG Deputy Prime Minister vows to improve decision-making culture


DEPUTY Prime Minister Sir Puka Temu has vowed to improve the political and bureaucratic decision making culture in PNG that is "based on facts and evidence information" to move the country forward in the next 50 years.

Speaking at the launch of the country's first ever Papua New Guinea District and Provincial Profiles, the Deputy Prime Minister said decision-makers need evidence based information to make informed decisions that would not only bring the country forward but also "ensure there is accountability in all three levels of government".

"I want to see a political culture where decisions are made on credible information. Evidence based information for decision-making is needed in this country," the Deputy Prime Minister said.

A one-time National Health Secretary, Sir Puka said Papua New Guinea cannot go on repeating the mistakes of the past 30 years.  He said there are too many writings on the wall and it is about time the decision-makers make decisions that are based on facts and evidence.

"These types of documents become critical for our future.  And I want politicians to understand and appreciate these data," the Deputy Prime Minister said.

In launching the Papua New Guinea District and Provincial Profiles, the Deputy Prime Minister said leaders and decision-makers must be informed in languages they understand to translate documents, data and information into action so that resources can be allocated to address national development needs.

"The leaders cannot understand infant and maternal mortality rates until you start bringing in all the dead bodies to the national parliament.  That will make the leaders understand what infant and maternal mortalities are," Sir Puka said.

Since his appointment as the Chairman of the National Planning Committee, Sir Puka does not want to play the blame game but instead chart the progress of PNG's future. Under his leadership, the Government has launched a 50-year development plan. And he is supporting the National Research Institute to bring fort up-to-date and reliable data to complement Vision 2050.

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