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Sunday, April 4, 2010

PNG Deputy Police Commissioner thanks God for recall

RECALLED Deputy Police Commissioner Geoffrey Vaki believes the constabulary needs God to cleanse, transform and renew it to its former past as a distinguished and professional organization.

Mr Vaki, who was suspended last March over an incident involving a lady, was reinstated by Police Commissioner Gari Baki on March 12 this year.

He said much publicity has been made on what is perceived to be a crisis in the Police hierarchy but he has maintained a low profile and have not come out to voice his views and opinion. 

"The inference and perception that the senior management are embroiled in a struggle for position, power and supremacy and prompted me to come out and clarify my position so that the public at large can be given a more balanced understanding of the events that have come to light."

Mr Vaki said his suspension on March 1 last year has had media coverage much of which was biased, unkind and far from the real facts and circumstances that related to the case.

"My name, integrity and standing as a person were extremely tarnished and brought to disrepute - all at the stroke of a pen. All the good one has done in his career to date is simply wiped out in minutes by individual journalists who do not have the decency, ethics and respect to conduct research and come up with balanced reports,"  the Deputy Commissioner said.

He explained that it was the Commissioner's prerogative to suspend him and order an investigation.  However, the party involved withdrew the case and apologized for causing Mr Vaki shame.

"I was never the instigator of the incident. That is what the public did not know about and in retrospect look at the extreme damage done to my name and integrity as a person.  I've always respected protocols of human rights and rights concerning women and children.  I've always maintained ethical standards and discipline.  I've always held my head high as I've been an innocent victim all along."

Mr Vaki was directed by Commissioner Baki to resume office which he did on March 15.  He has thanked both the Minister and Commissioner for his recall and attributes it to divine intervention... "I give praise, glory and honour to God almighty."

His recall, however, has become the subject of court proceedings by Deputy Commissioner Anthony Wagambie had been in the chair left vacant following Mr Vaki's suspension.

Mr Vaki told Sunday Chronicle he respected Mr Wagambie's decision to take the matter to court and he would just wait and see.

In the meantime, however, he believes the constabulary needs cohesive leadership at the executive level to assist the commissioner. 

"It therefore calls for team players to be managers for change to bring about dynamic and tangible differences in the way this organization can carry out its duties to the nation.

"I believe I have the physical status, passion and vibrancy of mind to contribute in this context," Mr Vaki said.

He adds he has no other agenda in mind except to simply want to assume office to serve the government and people of this nation.

"The RPNG needs to seek God almighty's redeeming and healing hand...I sincerely believe in this."

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