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Sunday, April 4, 2010

NRI Launches PNG District and Provincial Profiles


Papua New Guinea's provincial and district administrators including all members of parliament and other stakeholders in the country's development can now be able to compare their own performance against that of their peers in other provinces.

For the first time, the coutry's think tank, National Research Institute has compiled a Papua New Guinea District and Provincial Profile that gives all basic information in Health, Education, Economic Activities, and other general information about social and economic development of the country.

Being the first, the publication, Papua New Guinea District and Provincial Profile gives baseline information about health, education and economic activities in each province together with their indicators which will help development planners in each district and province including all Members of Parliament to access in order to plan for their districts and provinces.

The publication also included infrastructure as a delivery mechanism of both social and economic developments.

Director of the National Research Institute, Dr Thomas Webster said the publication will be the driver of change and resource allocation for decision-makers right down to the district levels.

"The need for district level data is very crucial so that we can monitor progress being made at the district level," Dr Webster said.

"Currently, our data systems are weak and as such, there is limited information on public record and use for development purposes," Dr Webster said.

The National Research Institute intends to update this publication every two years and in doing so, can give trend analysis developments in areas of health, education, infrastructure, and economic activities over a given time frame.

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