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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mald commits to housing city teachers

Moresby North East MP Andrew Mald with two buses he presented on Friday to the Susu Mamas and the Bomana CIS clinic. Picture by ROBERT PALME.


PORT MORESBY North East MP Andrew Mald is committed to building teachers houses inside school premises in his efforts to prioritize on human development in his electorate.

Mr Mald told this paper that human resources is one of his priority areas and to develop that resource, teachers must stay in houses in the school grounds rather than staying miles away from the school and in settlements.

He said a teacher staying in a good house on the school grounds would be more committed than someone who is staying miles away and either coming late or going early from school.

The MP said so far he has built eight houses and two more are planned for Bomana primary.
Those who received the houses so far are Bomana, Evadana and New Erima and he would extend this to other schools when land is available.

On Friday he also presented a 15-seater bus each to the Susu Mama's from his electorate and the Bomana CIS clinic.

He has also given three police vehicles and two are on their way and would be presented soon.
Mr Mald said he does not want the police to give excuses that there are no vehicles to attend to troubles in his electorate.

The MP said he wants his people to walk freely in the electorate knowing that police are patrolling their streets and settlements using the new vehicle he donated.

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