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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Former PNG Constitutional Review Committee Chairman says reforms missed intentions


THE then Chairman of the Constitutional Review Committee, Ben Micah has admitted that the Provincial and Local Level Government reforms which he spearheaded in 1995 have totally missed the intentions of the reforms.

Mr Micah said the Provincial Government Reforms which he spearheaded 15 years ago was to improve the delivery of basic services to the masses. However, the new Organic Law on the Provincial and Local Level Government has undergone too many amendments and has made it become ineffective and thus failed to deliver its intentions.

Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Puka Temu said, the government is currently looking at ways to improve the system of government in the country.  While the national government will remain in its current state, the national government is still looking at ways of how to improve the provincial and local level governments further with the same intents of effectively delivering basic services to the rural masses.

"We are looking at retaining all levels of government. But under the District Authority Bill which is yet to go before parliament, we are looking at how we can make the lower levels of government more effective," the Deputy Prime Minister said.

"What becomes of provincial governments is not clear yet. Whether they will be retained as lower legislator or changed to a provincial authority," Dr Temu said.

A Ben Micah Constitutional Reform Committee abolished the 1976 Provincial Government System and replaced it with an Organic Law on the Provincial and Local Level Government. 

The old provincial government system is headed by a premier voted from among elected provincial government representatives who forms the provincial legislature.  The new Organic Law on the Provincial and Local Level Governments, a governor of the Province is the Chairman of the Provincial Assembly. He heads a team of appointed representatives who forms the provincial legislature.

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