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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Environmentalist says PNG LNG environment report rushed


THE Environment Impact Study (EIS) done by the developer of the LNG Gas project has a lot of flaws, according to an environmentalist engaged by the Gulf Provincial Government.

And, with this report in hand, the Gulf Provincial Government is taking the developer and the State to court for K2 billion in compensation.

Bafike Kongrui of Chem Clean Environmental Services LTD told a small gathering last week that if the impact assessments study done by the developer was to be presented in countries like Australia, Canada or the United States, it would have been used as "toilet paper."

Mr Kongrui said either the people involved did not know what they were doing or deliberately did what they did thinking that the Gulf people were naturally shy and would be ignorant of the impacts of the LNG project.

He said the assessment report done by the Coffee Natural Systems used some out-of-date data and also among many other issues did not quantify their findings against monitory value.

The environmentalist said the oil and gas may belong to the Government but what is on the land belongs to the people.

He said the people depend on the land and sea and the LNG project would have a lot of impact on the people who depend on them. He said the assessment report done by the developer did not quantify these and that makes the report unreliable.

Governor Havila Kavo in raising concern on the lack of response from the National Government and developer said his government would pursue legal actions if the concerns raised by his government are not addressed.

Mr Kavo said the laying of the gas pipeline would destroy the seabed and would affect the livelihood of his people.

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