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Sunday, April 4, 2010

ALCPNG invited to Australia for 50 year celebration


FIVE senior pastors and a missionaries from the Association of Local Churches in Papua New Guinea (ALCPNG) were invited by their sister church, Finnish Pentecostal Church for their 50th annual conference in Brisbane, Australia over the long Easter weekend.

They have also extended their invitation to other sister churches in 48 countries in the world for this celebration. Papua New Guinea is represented by Iose Iamba (Chairman ALC PNG), Pastor Apai Tomio, Titus Pii (Principal of Pentecostal Bible School Mendi), Pastor Timothy Angopa, Benny Ipia (Regional Chairman,  ALC Highlands) and Vekke Kampi(missionary).

Pastor Heikki Kivimaki, a senior pastor for Brisbane Finnish Pentecostal church said, churches in PNG have been recognised for their fruitful partnership over the last 40 years. ALC Papua New Guinea's representation at the conference is the result their long fruitful association in mission field.

Pastor Apai Tomio said Papua New Guiea group is very glad to be with thier evangelistical partners and celebrate the significant achievement Finnish church has achieved over the 50 years in Australia.

"We are some of the fruit of the seed they've sowed in the Pacific some forty years ago. We are delighted and looking forward to this conference and also to participants from other countries as well," said Pastor Apai.

The delegation will spend eight days in Brisbane.

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