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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Unavailability of spaces in most NCD schools


ALL NINE  secondary schools in the National Capital District will not be enrolling any more students  this academic year for Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 classes due to the  non-availability of spaces.

This was the message released from  the  office of the coordinator for high/secondary  schools of the NCD Education Services in an official notice dated 07/01/10 to the public including the parents and guardians of students.

The affected schools are Gerehu Secondary, Gordons Secondary, Badihagwa Secondary, Della Salle Secondary, Jubilee Catholic Secondary, Port Moresby Secondary, Kilakila Secondary, Saint Charles  Secondary and the Marianville Secondary schools.

The Coordinator, Firmin Rawala, said that all these secondary schools will not accept new students coming in because the institutions are filled to capacity, making it only possible to only cater for continuing students there.

He said the current scenario is the result of many years of negligence by respective education institutional authorities in making available required learning facility infrastructures prior to commencement of every new academic year.

"This situation clearly shows  the lack of proper  development plans and financial management policies by school management authorities in making sure that plans and money were used to develop school  facilities," he said. "No other officer within the NCD Education Branch has the authority to enroll transferring students into secondary schools here in the city because doing so simply is breach of what is considered, a lawful instruction from my office."

According to information sourced from the NCD Education Office, the 2009 second quarter report indicate that the 44 Elementary schools, 43 Primary schools, 9 Secondary schools and the 5 Vocational centres in the National Capital District have received substantial amount of money and appropriate financial management trainings purposely for the development of the institutions but to date, not all institutions have built or renovated classrooms, staff accommodation, science laboratories and school libraries among others as yet.

It was revealed that a vocational centre had no record of money spent, three primary schools exhausted the subsidy funds and two secondary schools late last year had no money to conduct the Grade 10/12 graduations.

The education authorities have expressed that such malpractices by school managements is almost a decade old practice and has resulted in the current  'no enrollment' situation.

Meanwhile, the acting principal director for the NCD Education Division, Maino Kolowa, has informed teachers that his office will not entertain  as of this year teachers  who have resigned and are planning to seek re-admission in the National Capital District.

He also made an official statement that those teachers who are transferring in from other provinces will not be entertained with teaching positions  in the city.

"The NCD Education Board will not entertain teachers coming in from other provinces because the teachers leave fares entitlements has become a big concern and the board is currently critical in cutting down this growing issue," said Kolowa.

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