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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Teachers query promotions and demotions


AFFECTED teachers in the National Capital District and the Central Provinces are questioning the legality of their demotions and transfers.

In the National Capital District some of these teachers have questioned the authorities over their demotions and transfers and have indicated to perform below their ability and only look forward to their fortnight salaries.

The concerned teachers have alleged that many teachers who have promoted are not eligible to perform on certain levels and to act on positions above their substantive levels. They said there were cases wherein level 3 teachers have jumped the ranks to act on level 6 positions and one has been made headmaster of a primary school.

Teachers concerned said, it was a total abuse of the Teaching Service Act, a breach of the Teaching Profession Code of Ethics and a there appeared to be a clear practice of bribery and corruption within government institutions by people in authority. 

They alleged that many of the teachers who were promoted were never on inspections and given an eligibility to act in positions higher than their own levels.

The affected teachers (named) are calling upon the Teaching Service Commission and  Papua New Guinea Teachers Association to intervene immediately and eradicate this malpractice within the National Capital District Education Division office as students learning can be affected in due course.

They have also made a call on the Ombudsman Commission to intervene and investigate these people in authority at the district offices in NCD and Central Province.

Meanwhile the NCD Education Director Henao Tau Nauna said teachers are selected on merits and those who do not perform are subject to be demoted. 

Children should not be deprived of that right to education as the teacher is absent from duties due to health reasons or for other unknown reasons, Mr Nauna said.

He said, promotions for teachers come through the recommendations of the head teachers and their area inspectors who are the immediate supervisors on the ground. Their recommendations are put forward to the District Education Board for the screening and selection process.

He said the District Education Board has been fair this year, contrary to the statements of some aggrieved teachers.  He conceded that it would be improper for a level 3 teacher to be placed on a position two steps higher than his substantive level. 

However, in the case where an experienced headmaster wants to reinter the teaching service at his previous substantive level , the district education board will take him back based on his track record and recommendations from the school inspector.  

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