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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Somare - State enterprises to meet growing demands

                                                                              By WATSON GABANA

THE K300 million Port Moresby sewerage project will soon be developed at Joyce Bay near Kila Kila village to ease problems faced in the capital. The multi-million kina project is being funded by the Japanese government.

State Enterprises Minister, Arthur Somare was given a whirlwind tour of the project site including Portion 152 near the PNG LNG plant site in Central province and the Mt Eriama water treatment plant outside Port Moresby on Wednesday.

"It is Eda Ranu's social responsibility to provide decent water source to our rural people. With the impact of the PNG LNG project, the government through Eda Ranu is ready to do that," State Enterprises Minister, Arthur Somare said.

The Minister confirmed that demands of the PNG LNG project are massive and the government ensures that all State-owned Enterprises meet those demands. This was start of his familiarization visits to all SOEs to guide them into par with the current demands.

"The State-owned Enterprises (SOE) must build their capacity and resources to deliver. We are entering a phase of development never seen before," Mr. Somare said.

He said that a conducive environment for investors, developers and business houses is needed for them to operate effectively. The SOEs have the potential to become independent and self-sustaining with proper management and regulations to guide them.

The minister said that it was important for him to have a fair idea and understanding of all the State-owned Enterprises including PNG Power, Air Niugini, Eda Ranu and PNG Water Board so important decisions can be made.

"With these developments, SOEs must step up and be effective in the delivery of vital services such as water and power," the minister said.

The minister, the board and management of Eda Ranu and representatives from the media organizations visited water plant sites including the proposed sewerage treatment plant in Joyce Bay, proposed water supply pipeline to PNG LNG project at the junction of Porebada-Papa/Lealea in Central province, the Waigani reservoir and the Mt Eriama treatment plant.

The actual construction of the Port Moresby sewerage plant will begin in 2012. When completed the 300 million kina project will house some state-of-the art facilities, including research and monitoring centers.

"The outlet will be extended to 30 meter felly deep into the ocean," Billy Imar, Managing director of Eda Ranu told Minister Arthur at the proposed site.

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