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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sir J wants Allied Gold out of PNG

Words and picture by HENZY YAKHAM

THE NATIONAL Court decision last Monday (Feb 8) ordering the deportation of 14 Fijian security personnel who were brought in without work permits early last month by Allied Gold to work at its Simberi gold mine is indicative of arrogance by some foreign interests, the New Ireland Provincial Government has said.

Governor of New Ireland Sir Julius Chan said that the Simberi case was a typical case of ignorance and foreign invasion by Allied Gold Limited who was driven by monetary influences and did not care of the environment damages, health concerns and others affecting the people on Simberi Island and New Ireland province.

"Allied Mining CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Marc Caruso should not stop with the deportation of the Fijians. The eviction and subsequent court deportation must not allow management and CEO to end there. There is total violation of laws and sovereignty of the country," he stressed.

Sir Julius commended all relevant state agencies who were involved in the removal of the 14 Fijians, which he termed as the first phase of what should a complete exit of Allied Gold from Simberi Island and New Ireland province and PNG eventually.

He said he Government should now proceed with the second phase of bringing management to account for attempted infiltration of foreign elements and violation of Mining Lease agreement, particularly neglect and pollution and infrastructure as well as direct benefits on business and related issues, he stressed.

Sir Julius said the third phase is as the people want - the complete removal of Allied Gold and Marc Caruso from Simberi and New Ireland province.

"The NIPG will stand by the people's wish and call for immediate review, especially in benefits sharing. Caruso highlighted K2-5m royalty payments. What laugh at such price. Call him to relate that to profits. New Irelanders are not fools and Caruso must not play with numbers.

"What does he personally earn since and how is his personal income compared with these royalty payments to thousands of Tabar people. Caruso thinks we are stupid. The people want him out," Sir Julius stressed.

As well, the former prime minister described a recent newspaper advertisement taken out Mr Caruso to justify continued operation of the Simberi gold mine in New Ireland province as "heavy handedness and arrogance tantamount to lies".

The Fijians were flown directly to Simberi by Allied Gold, the first batch on January 2 2010 and the second batch on January 7 2010 raising serious security, immigration and work permit issue concerns.

It followed the closure of Simberi mine last year (November/December 2009) by the Mineral resource Authority (MRA) over health, environmental and safety concerns.

During the closure, the Simberi Mining Area Association (SMAA) imposed traditional sanction (tambu) of "gorgor" over ongoing disputes regarding a range of unsettled businesses and commitments with the Simberi mine management.

The gorgor was removed on January 2 2010 after SMAA and SGCL signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

However, to the surprise of SMAA, police, local people and the NIPG, the Fijians were flown directly by the company to Simberi.

A combined Government team moved into Simberi with police help and brought the Fijians out to Port Moresby to leave the country on January 29 2009, but company lawyers intervened to seek relief from the court.

On February 8 2010, National Court Judge Ambeng Kandakasi established that the Fijians did not have work permits and ordered their deportation by February 12 2010.

Foreign Minister Sam Abal signed deportation orders on Thursday (Feb 11) for them to leave on Friday.

The 14 Fijians are;; Samesa Bilo Naga, Tanarusa Bosevou, Sitiveni Koya Naitini, Rata Josaia Ravonu, Asivorisi Jiare Lalakai, Jacalevu Batisaveve, Lowane Manasau, Sakarai Vatuturangani, Petoro Tambua Lailai,Samuel Tabua, Josesa Salu, Jowarie Serunitau, Paula Biutu and Towake Cama.

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