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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sir Arnold told to be more useful

THE ousted Governor of Madang Sir Arnold Amet is reminded not to be involved in shallow media statements that affect the law enforcement agencies because he himself is facing the Courts of Law.

Prominent Madang businessman, former MP and founding leader of the Peoples Labour Party (PLP) Peter Yama said this in response to a media statement in a newspaper this week in which Sir Arnold call on law enforcement agencies to be "diligent and thorough" in carrying out their duties.

Mr Yama pointed out two aspects.

"Sir Arnold must be careful in making insinuating comments to influence the judicial element of the law enforcement agencies because he is firstly facing the Supreme Court resulting from the petition I put through the courts to contest his win for the governor's seat in the 2007 elections in which I successfully removed him in the Court of Disputed Returns.

"Secondly, sir Arnold's own carelessness and undue behaviour has placed the judicial panel hearing this case into some difficulty so the former Chief Judge cannot be seen to be making insinuating comments or trying to preach to the judiciary," Mr Yama said.

He said Sir Arnold is a highly respected senior PNG citizen and he is respected in Madang but his very behavior and cheap political outbursts are out of character for him and the law enforcement agencies realise that.

"He has no stay order from any court to remain in office and if he believes he can contribute anything to PNG nation building then it should be through the overall legal system to seal loopholes so similar de-facto governor situations like Madang's present case do not happen in the future," Mr Yama said.

He said law enforcement agencies, the Government and the public must question why Sir Arnold should still be call governor and be allowed to decide on sensitive matters like the provincial budget and major resource developments like mining in Madang.

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