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Welcome to Sunday Chronicle blogspot. Sunday Chronicle is a leading weekly newspaper in Papua New Guinea. It is a community oriented paper and highlights positive issues and developments of the week. We hope this medium of communication can keep you abreast of the happenings and events in the country and abroad.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

'Simberi mines should be reprimanded'


PAPUA New Guinea is slowly slipping into a Nigeria of the Pacific unless something urgent is done to scrutinise employment of foreigners by resource developers in the country.

President of the Public Employees Association, Michael Malabag said already hiring of foreign mercenaries by the New Ireland-based Simberi mine provides a classic example where resource developers will hire their own fighting men from outside the country to protect their interest in PNG.

"There have been cases in Nigeria where resource developers hired guerillas from outside that country and fought guerilla warfare with local law enforcement authorities," said Mr. Malabag.

And he warned that Papua New Guinea is slowly slipping into such a scenario as that of Nigeria unless the relevant government departments immediately do something to curtail such illegal uprising before it becomes too expensive for the national government to resolve in the future.

The Public Employees Association President also called on the national government to reprimand the operators of the Simberi mines if media reports are correct that they have flaunted all immigration and employment laws of the country to engage mercenaries into Simberi.

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