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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Semoso expelled


Papua New Guinea's National Alliance (NA) chapter in the Autonomous Region of  Bougainville have unanimously resolved to expel regional member Fidelis Semoso from the party as leadership tussle intensifies amongst New Guinea Islands NA bloc.

This follows a meeting held on Thursday by the provincial and district executives concerning the leadership of MP Semoso which they believe is a threat and will destabilize the party in Bougainville and the New Guinea Islands as a whole.

A signed copy of the letter from the party branch executives to the national president Simon Kaiwi as sighted by Sunday Chronicle highlighted serious allegations of MP Semoso’s conduct and resolved to sack him based on the following grounds:
  • Creating uncertainty, instability and confusion amongst the financial members and supporters within the province by the move taken to support and consultation with the Bougainville Provincial Executives to come to an amicable resolutions.
  • Unconstitutionally directing his officers to call an illegal meeting to dissolve the existing Bougainville Provincial Executives endorsed by the New Guinea Islands regional convention in June 2009.
  • Intend to form a new political party with the formation of the new Bougainville Provincial executive.
  • Lack of support and non attendance of five (5) consecutive Provincial Executive meetings though the notices have been served to him for his attendance and;
  • Lack of transparency and accountability that questions his leadership and integrity in relation to non acquittals of public funds for certain projects worth millions.

The Bougainville National Alliance provincial coordinator, Andrew Pekuaka told this paper last night the decision made by the party executives is genuine and for a good cause.

“For the good of the party and solidarity we want to remove him. All we need is stability. So far as a regional member he has never created positions to accommodate some of the members in the party,” Mr Pekuaka said.

Also vice chairman of the party Moringo Hururo stated that Mr Semoso in the 2007 national elections has never campaign under the banner of NA party nor he was a financial member and should be removed.

“We can’t establish how he got into the party, but we believe it was through vested interest and a lot is at stake. He is a threat to the stability of the party and therefore should be removed or sacked,” Mr Hururo said.

He added that the move made by the executives to have Mr Semoso sacked from the party is a transparent one as outlined in the resolutions and it differs from the NA chapter in East New Britain where reasons have not been given for the sacking of minister Tiensten.

“We have put the reasons in black and white and it is clear why we are doing this unlike our friends from the East New Britain NA branch,” Mr Huroro added.

This paper understands there is already major rift created amongst the NA New Guinea Islands chapters. The Manus and the Bougainville chapters are behind former NGI National Alliance deputy leader and Minister for National Planning Paul Tiensten while East New Britain chapter and its cohorts to the west (West New Britain) are in favour of Mr Semoso.

It is also understood from recent media reports, Mr Semoso learning from the 2007 Warangoi pact has called on the Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare to quickly move and appoint him as the Minister for National Planning after he has been announced the NA New Guinea Islands deputy leader.

But the NA Manus and Bougainville branches furious over this have collectively and strongly called on Sir Michael to ignore Mr Semoso’s plea and instead give back the planning portfolio to Mr Tiensten.

They argued that Mr Tiensten is the duly elected NA member and not Mr Semoso and therefore the national party executives should retain him as the minister. They have also called on the other party executives from the East New Britain chapter that are in support of Mr Semoso to back away and come together to instil stability and confidence in the region. 

“We want to see Tiensten as the leader for the NGI region and we call on those siding with Semoso to realize their mistakes and come and join us on a road to reconciliation just like what the Manus chapter has done in recent weeks.”

However, when Sunday Chronicle contacted Mr Semoso at his home in Buka yesterday he said all the allegations put against him are baseless and maintains that he is the foundation member of NA in Bougainville.

“There’s no truth in what the executives are saying. These are the very supporters of Paul Tiensten who try to destabilize the party in the region. I’m duly appointed by the parliamentary party caucus and therefore such wild allegations are not welcomed.

“I’m the stabilizing factor in Bougainville and the whole region is behind me,” Mr Semoso said.

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