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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Revival Centres of PNG troubles far from over

SIX more leaders of the Revival Centres of PNG church in Port Moresby have resigned and a nation-wide split of the fellowship is looming as a faction of the Port Moresby assembly prepares to petition the Principal Pastor Godfrey Wippon to reinstate all pastors of the Port Moresby Assembly and remove newly appointed Regional Pastor, Daniel Tounei from Port Moresby Assembly.

The petition is drafted by current leaders within the Port Moresby Assembly of the fellowship and is expected to give the principal pastor the authority to immediately reinstate all pastors of the Port Moresby fellowship or risk splitting the fellowship nation-wide.

Pastors in the provinces have been informed and are awaiting the results of this petition before they can move to change the banners of their fellowships if the demands of their Port Moresby counterparts are not met.

The troubles of this once fast-growing fellowship began when the Principal Pastor and his team of Senior pastors came to Port Moresby in April 2009, to carry out an 'urgent national seekers' after which they promised the members of the fellowship in Port Moresby that "they will break the roof and be at the top". To date, so much has happened to the contrary. From 4000 members attending each Sunday, the numbers have gone down to around 1, 500 members.

"They promised us that we will break the roof and be at a new level spiritually and physically. But look at what has happened. Many people have left the fellowship and instead of breaking the roof and reaching a new level, we are going down," said a member of the fellowship.

The appointment of the new Regional Pastor is rubbing salt-to-the-wound. There has been long running disagreement between Pastors from Lumi and those from other parts of PNG. The new District Pastor is from Lumi in the Sandaun province.

A leader of the fellowship was also recently forced to resign from his leadership role for making reference to the Revival Centres of PNG as a "Lumi' church.

"You see, they are really using threat and intimidation against their members now. All spiritual common sense have departed from them and they are using threats," said a former Pastor of the fellowship.

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