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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Polye angered over non release of funds


THE Department of National Planning and Monitoring should come directly under the Prime Minister's Department and not a separate ministry.

Minister for Works, Transport and Civil Aviations Don Polye said this when expressing disappointment and anger at the National Planning Department for not releasing funds for road maintenance.

The Minister told reporters on Wed that without funds to maintain the major roads, Works and Transport Department could not do much.

He said everyone thinks his departments are at fault when in fact, the department responsible for making budget allocations and releasing funds is sitting on the requested and budgeted funds.

Mr Polye also said that the Department of National Planning should know the importance of road maintenance and appropriate enough funding for it.

The Kandep MP said if he was responsible for budgeting, he would appropriate K400 million for transport maintenance, K250m for roads and K150m for jetties and wharfs.

The National Planning office was an implementing agent and should come directly under the Prime Minister as he is the chief executive officer of the country.

The Prime Minister thinks that the Department of National Planning is implementing the budget but when it does not release funds, it is frustrating for other departments to perform.

Mr Polye called on all departments to go in tune with the budget and government policies and have them implemented.

He said he was getting tough on the National Planning Department because he has had enough and could not wait for the department to release the warrant.

Meanwhile, there were already creditors with bills amounting to K30 million and that basically leaves the Works Department with no maintenance funds for the remainder of this year.

Both the secretary and Mr Polye said their submissions for a separate emergency vote in the budget were not appropriated.

This paper understands that K20 million was released on Thursday.

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