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Sunday, February 7, 2010

PNGDF to connect WHP to Madang by road


THE Engineer Battalion at Igam barracks in Lae remains focused on bringing service to the people of PNG.

The PNGDF Igam Barracks area commander Lieutenant Colonel Mark Keru told stakeholders involved in building the transnational highway from Western Highlands through Baiyer, Ruti, Simbai, Aiome and Madang province that they were the key players in the project and said that the PNGDF engineer battalion unit was committed to achieving the National Government's goals.

Lt Col Keru told the stakeholders including the defence force civic action committee and provincial works managers who would be involved in building the civic action project road from Western Highlands to Madang when he took them to inspect the equipment at Igam Barracks.

He told the stakeholders after a meeting that the equipment was bought for K9.3 million with more equipment yet to come in.

Civic action committee chairman Gadd Luke shared similar sentiments saying the project was to bring service to the people of PNG and has indicated that his team would work in unity with all parties involved to make the huge project a reality.

Mr Luke said the five year project with a K20 million package transnational highway project would run through Western Highlands to Madang with bridges to be built at Baiyer, Jimi and Ramu.
He said K20. 1 million was spent last year with acquittals already done and a K23 million budget for this year was submitted to the National Government.

He said that the project is on two phases with the first phase to begin from Western Highlands to Jimi in a space of six months while the second phase would be from Madang to Jimi, also within six months period as planned.

He said: "We won't talk politics, we are just going to go in and build the roads," he said.
Mr Luke said that currently there were already 45 soldiers deployed to the Western Highlands with the first batch of equipment while there was still more equipment yet to be moved to Igam Barracks.

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