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Sunday, February 14, 2010

PNG Waterboard signs deal with EU & EHP


CHRONIC water issues faced by the 900 plus households and business houses in Kainantu in the Eastern Highlands province would soon be something of the past.

This would be made possible through an agreement signed by PNG Waterboard and the Eastern Highlands administration paving way for the development of a 10 million kina water project funded by European Union in the highlands township. A new bore-water system from a new source will be constructed soon to serve the 15000 inhabitants of Kainantu.

And if funding goes well the project would be extended to the Aiyura Valley to serve the establishments like the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL), National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), Coffee Industries Corporation Research Centre (CIC/RC), Aiyura National High School and other government establishments.

But as for the time being, PNG Waterboard will develop and manage a bore-holed water system to be established in the Highlands Gateway township of Kainantu.

According to Patrick Amini, Managing Director of PNG Waterboard, the proposed establishment is inline with the water company's district towns water supply program.

"The Kainantu initiative is the first of the planned programs for district towns in the country. We will soon develop similar projects in Maprik and Finchaffen," Amini said.

This MOU signing paves way for the Kainantu project to begin. The scope of the work is complete and PNG Waterboard technical staff will soon begin the construction.

According to Jerry Huekwahin, team leaderfor the National Authorization Office, the funding from the EU will only cater for the water project and would include sewerage.

"Due to funding constrains we will only cater for water. Sewerage is not captured in the project," Huekwahin said.

He also confirmed that due to landowner problems faced around the country, the project was designed to drill bore water from within government or state land and supply water to the residents.

Eastern Highlands Provincial Administrator, Munare Uyassi thanked PNG Waterboard and European Union for the water project initiative for Kainantu.

"Kainantu has the potential for growth and is economically viable but water has been an issue for many years. We will provide the assistance and deal with landownership issues so the project is undertaken smoothly," Mr. Uyassi said.

Those present during the signing of the project MOU included Eastern Highlands Provincial Administrator, Munare Uyassi, Kainantu district administrator, Ako Onise, PNG Waterboard executives including MD Amini, his deputy Amo Mark and their technical staff and representatives from NAO.

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