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Sunday, February 28, 2010

PNG HIV/AIDS Care Foundation


THE CHAIRMAN of a newly established NGO has called on the Government to seriously take stock of its efforts so far in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Peter Tulu Aro, Chairman of the PNG HIV/AIDS Care Foundation alleges that the Government pumped millions into the National Aids Council Secretariat (NACS) for its 'Condom Awareness Campaign' and it has not stemmed the tide of new infections.

He said the current media debate over the efficacy of condom use as a safeguard against infection reveal that more people were probably infected because of belief in this fallacy.

Tulu said because of the lack of basic services in rural areas urban drift was on the increase and this has led to the increase in prostitution. "These people are really vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections," he alleged.

Tulu has further called on resource companies and big business houses to support small NGOs, such as PNG HIV/AIDS Care Foundation and Churches to combat the AIDS epidemic. "These companies have taken so much of our resources and it is time they showed some civic responsibility and help in this fight," he said.

He said his foundation will concentrate its activities to the Southern Highlands and Hela Provinces." Every human being regardless of how you die or what they die of deserves a decent burial. We intend to look after HIV/AIDS victims and assist them become useful members of community," he said.

He said AIDS sufferers were stigmatized and there were instances were some had been buried alive. "We will need all the help we can get to ensure that everything humanely possible to ease the suffering of these people is done," he said.

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