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Sunday, February 28, 2010

PM must sideline implicated ministers: Tekwe

Vice Chancellor of the Assembly of God (AOG) Jubilee University, John Tekwe has called on Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare to immediately sideline state ministers who have been implicated in alleged criminal and leadership charges.

Mr Tekwe said it was incumbent on Sir Michael to put the interest of the over six million Papua New Guinean citizens ahead of personal, party and parochial interest.

He said: "The PM must take stop being arrogant and take serious heed of the calls from all sectors of the PNG community to take lead in fighting corruption by cleaning his own backyard."

"He must act in PNG's national interest and immediately decommission all ministers who are implicated in the various high-profile scandals to allow for relevant state law enforcing agencies proceed with their investigations unimpeded.

"The father of the nation must live up to his words to uphold the virtues of good governance, transparent and accountable leadership by him (Sir Michael) stepping aside pending the outcome of major scandals created during his reign over the past seven consecutive years.

"It is high time the PM takes serious heed of the conventions of ministerial responsibility. Not only should the ministers implicated be stood down, the PM must also accept that he is responsible for the misconduct and wrongdoings of any member of his cabinet.

"The PM and all implicated ministers implicated in any scandal or are under investigation must immediately step aside to allow the process of law to take its course. The investigation should proceed without any undue influence and interference to protect the integrity of these important public and taxpayer funded offices, the Office of the Prime Minister being the highest," Mr Tekwe stressed.

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