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Sunday, February 7, 2010

OHE not involved in the selections of students into tertiary institutions

THE OFFICE of Higher Education (OHE) is not involved in selecting and admitting students into academic and training programs but facilitates the national selections. 

This is according to OHE Director Dr. William Tagis. Dr. Tagis said this in a press conference on Thursday last week to clarify the reason why many top students in the country have missed out on the selections to attend universities, tertiary institutions and colleges.

He explained that for the selections exercise the OHE ranks in order the grade 12 student cumulative scores from the highest to the lowest score of the 12, 341 students who sat the examination.

During the selections, selectors are advised by OHE to consider all the students' choices including second and third choices so the other institutional selectors can consult other institutions to consider students not accepted by them. He said, in terms of the process all selection decisions is the responsibility of the 29 institutions.

"However if the public claims that high scoring candidates have missed out and if these can be authenticated, than there might be grounds to suggest that OHE instructions were not adhere to by some of the selectors in December 2009," he said.

He also said that another reason is the confusing lists used by the institutions. The first list given by the Education Department's Measurement Services Unit (MSU) to the OHE on the 29th of November, 2009 was inaccurate.

OHE explained this to the selectors on Monday 30th November that the first list was tentative and second list was given to them on Tuesday 1st December and institutions could have made adjustments to their selections.

Dr. Tagis said the OHE is liaising with the Education Department to speed up the processing and transfer of grade 12 results by MSU to OHE so that there is sufficient time for selectors to make proper selections so that the best students can be selected in the future.

Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Michael Ogio on Thursday told reporters that it is not fair for bright students who will be elites of this country missing out on government scholarships because of the continuous inconsistency among selectors over the years.

He said the selections were rushed without proper consultation which left students scoring GPA of 2.25 and above missing out. Minister Ogio said last year's selections has affected many young people, parents and stakeholders and will have adverse effects on the country. He said the government will improve on its part and hopes that all bodies that play a part in the National selections must do the same to ensure proper selections for this year and in the future.

The OHE is now liaising with the Education Department to identify best students that are affected to get a place in tertiary institutions.

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