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Sunday, February 14, 2010

NA Manus chapter demands apology

THE NATIONAL Alliance Manus Executive arm and its political wing on behalf of the people of Manus is demanding an apology from former politician Sinai Brown for accusing them on the National EMTV news on Thursday, 11 February 2010 that they have gained from the current situation of the NA NGI saga.
The Parliamentary leader of NA Manus branch and regional member for Manus, Michael Sapau, the Chairman Francis Posanau and branch secretary Hilary Malai in a joint press statement have condemned Mr Brown for his short sighted and ill conceived accusations and demanded him to apologize.

They said the two projects he was accusing the people of Manus are well documented and are in the possession of the planning office.

"We call on him to call in person at the planning office and pick a copy of the documents for himself or he can get a copy from our governor."

"These projects documents were designed by the well educated sons of Manus and even Sinai Brown himself cannot understand the scope of the project so he should shut his mouth and hide himself in shame.

"This clearly shows a sign of desperate man demeaning his status as one of the respected leaders of the region. The people of Manus want to know what he has done for them when he was in the Planning Ministry," they said.

The executives said whilst the Manus branch is trying its best to restore peace and harmony in the region, Mr Brown is adding more fire by accusing the Manus people.

They said Mr Brown must come out clear and tell the supporters of the party as to his quality in restoring peace in the region adding that "if he cannot use his leadership quality to restore peace he should shut up and go and hide in his famous Warangoi Club Mill and concentrate in running his own business as a private citizen."

"We are beginning to see now that this issue is not really a regional one but one that belongs to the ENB politicians. Pride and strife for survival and prominence for greater wealth by greedy few is now ruining the quality of peace for once loving NGI people.

"We also appeal to the media to do proper research to prove allegations before going to the press.

"Mr Brown is not an elected leader anymore and we appeal to him not to spoil the name of good leadership of the region."

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