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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Money ready for Morobe students


MOROBE students attending tertiary institutions throughout the country under the Morobe provincial government scholarship, have been assured that money is available to pay for their school fees.

This was revealed by Governor Luther Wenge yesterday while responding to reports that medical students at UPNG Taurama campus could not attend classes.

Governor Wenge said that there was enough money to pay for tuition fees for all the Morobe students under the Joseph Solulu scholarship scheme.

Mr Wenge said that there was K4.7 million ready to be paid into accounts of the higher institutions.
He said the scholarship was in two components with payments for outstanding debts of last year and also payment of this year's subsidies.

He said that already a payment K138, 498 for the 46 UPNG medical students was done on Thursday morning including outstanding debts of last year and compulsory payments of this year.
He said a payment of K244, 235 was paid for outstanding debts owed by the 66 students to the UOG on Friday morning.

"I want to assure all other students in other institutions that we have money and will pay 100 per cent of the parental component. Morobe provincial government has a good record," he said.

Governor Wenge explained that the system has already produced cheques so the provincial government would start making payments.

He said that the payments were for the continuing students from year two to five and expects that all students should be registered.

He said that currently the provincial government was sponsoring 1200 students and expects another 300 more new applicants.

He said there was no need for institutions to be jumping up and down complaining for payment as the money needed to pay for the fees had to go through a long process to be approved by the Finance and Treasury minister before it would be rolled over by the provincial government.

Mr Wenge said that everything was already done and payments have started since Friday morning.
 He said the scholarships extends to schools including the University of Goroka, University of PNG, University of Technology, Divine Word University, Vudal University, Pacific Adventist University, Balob Teachers College and all Lutheran seminary schools with the current inclusion of PNG Polytechnic Institute, PNG Maritime College, Butaweng training for community health workers and Finschhafen Vocational Centre.

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