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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Minister terminates projects


TRIBAL warfare and other criminal activities would cause termination of development projects in the in Papua New Guinea's Enga province.

Works, Transport and Civil Aviation Minister Don Polye issued this stern warning when announcing the termination of developmental projects in his electorate worth more than K100 million.

Mr Polye told reporters on Wed that his people do not seem to want development.

The Minister said tribal fighting and any other criminal activities that hinder development would only affect the people themselves and the best way to tell them to stop their illegal activities is to terminate the projects until they are ready and willing to look after the projects and workers.

Mr Polye said villagers in his political support stronghold started a tribal fight three weeks ago over pandanus nuts.

This he said, resulted in the ambush and chopping of four women to death and two men killed during the warfare and burning down of three double classrooms at Kiripiso primary school.

A very disappointed Minister said people must take ownership of development and embrace them. He told reporters that when the people who are supposed to receive these services engage in tribal warfare, these services would be diverted to other areas.

Mr Polye said services are very hard to come and people must take every care in looking after what the government brings to them.

The projects in his area include two major roads from Kandep to Liagiam, phases two and three and Kandep Keapal. Other projects include three major roads, one of them is a lengthy road and bridge works across the Lai river known as the Wasa bridge, building of health centers, classrooms and library and computer room for the Kandep High school and the sealing of the roads at the Kandep station.

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