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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mayor calls for total liquor ban in Tari


THE COMPLETE break-down of law and order in Tari, the proposed capital of Hela province is mostly related to liquor, according to the town mayor Ken Arawi.

The town mayor in an exclusive interview with Sunday Chronicle, has called on elected national members of parliament (MPs) from Hela region demanding a total ban on the sales of liquour in Tari town.

Moreover, the mayor has called for a meeting where the Members of Parliament from Hela region, local level government presidents and even the developer ExxonMobil would engage in a round-table discussion to seriously look into the problem and other related matters and discuss how best they could solve them.

"Law and order has completely deteriorated in Tari, most of is related to liquor" Mr Arawi said.

"Beer is sold openly in market places and people are drinking public and are later cutting each other without any care at all," he stated.

He even mentioned that liquor is sold publicly as food items in public places. Moreover, people are drinking openly and without any care. It is from there that arguments over petty issues begin and fights erupts which usually result in people being wounded or killed.

He stressed that with the LNG developments taking shape in the Hela region, the problem could become worse if the issue of liquor is not seriously addressed.

A prominent youth leader from Kupari council ward in Tari, Timon Henry, in supporting the town mayor, stated that proper awareness needs to be carried out in the Hela region, especially in the LNG project areas.

He also called on the Hela transitional government and all Hela MPs and the developer ExxonMobil to immediately allocate funding for the awareness.

"I want law and order to be maintained because the situation if definitely getting out of hand," Mr Arawi said.

He also stressed that police in Tari must be seen to be doing their job. This is because most of the time the mobile unit based there is usually seen to be working for the interests of the LNG developer and not overseeing the general law and order issues in Tari town.

The mayor has therefore called on the police hierarchy at Konedobu to deploy more police personnel to Tari

Mr Arawi has also appealed to all chairmen of resource areas of Juha, Hides, Anogre and the pipe-line areas to assist, a million each from the respective parties to help combat law and order problems in Tari town.

In clarifying on the call for funding, Mr Arawi said because Tari town will be the headquarter of the Hela region, most of the services and facilities would be built in the township.

Mr Arawi said the funding is to assist set up a work-force or committee to be resourced with office facilities and vehicle to help in making awareness to help curb law and order problems in Tari.

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