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Welcome to Sunday Chronicle blogspot. Sunday Chronicle is a leading weekly newspaper in Papua New Guinea. It is a community oriented paper and highlights positive issues and developments of the week. We hope this medium of communication can keep you abreast of the happenings and events in the country and abroad.

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This week's local news - July 18 - 21, 2013.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Makapa Timber Area seeks forest certification

THE 3,000 hectares Makapa Timber Concession in the Western Province is seeking to get Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Forest Certification.

The first step to FSC certification was a scoping visit carried out last week by Dr Robert Hrubes of Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) based in California USA.

Makapa logging concession, is managed by Innovision (PNG) Ltd (IPNG) which is a subsidiary of the Sabah Foundation of Malaysia.  IPNG led by Mr Oscar Mamalai, the General Manager and a team of fully trained field foresters, has stepped forward, from the background of bad image of industrial logging in PNG to allow third party independent scrutiny of the company's operation.  

"We want to do the right thing in forestry and forest management and are open to outside scrutiny to help us in this process.  We believe FSCs track record worldwide suggest that getting FSC certification in Makapa will help us do the right thing and also help change the international perception and image of forestry in PNG".

The preliminary feedback from the scoping visit identified some major issues which will be addressed by Innovision over the coming months.  Makapa is geared up to do responsible forestry and is looking forward to receiving the full report, which is due sometimes in late February early March 2010.

The FSC scoping is a major breakthrough for Forest Operators in PNG as this will be the first of its kind on a large-scale logging.  Certification under FSC has set the highest standard in forest management worldwide and PNG national standards for forest certification has also set a high bar according to Dr Robert Hrubes, who has over 25 years of forest auditing work worldwide.  "PNG FSC Standards has more indictors that raises the bar very high and certain aspects of the standard needs to be revisited in its periodic review to still meet the national standards requirements"...

Mr Yati A. Bun of Foundation for People and Community Development Inc (FPCD) pointed out that Forest Certification in community forestry has been achieved already in PNG.  "What is needed is to upscale this to large scale logging and FPCD is proud to join hands with Innovision to start this process.  If certified, Makapa will change the way large scale logging is done in PNG and we believe this is good for PNG as well as PNGs international image pertaining to forestry."

The scoping visit was made possible through funding from International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) of which PNG is a member.  In 2008, ITTO called for proposal worldwide from Private Sector Civil Society partnership towards Sustainable Forest Management /Forest Certification.  FPCD and Innovison put in a joint proposal to ITTO which was eventually approved and  funded.
Further information, please contact Yati A. Bun on Tel#325 8470 and or email at

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