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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kopkop imparts business tips

PROMINENT women leader and owner of Kopkop College, Maria Kopkop said for a woman to do well in business, she must be aware of and acquaint herself with basic knowledge found in business principles and in business codes and rules.

Speaking at the inauguration of the National Women's Forum - Equality And Participation For Women: A Better Future For PNG at the State Function Room, Parliament House, on Feb 15, Ms Kopkop said in the case where there is a lack of processed knowledge, practical knowledge and skill, experiences can be also very beneficial factor - which women have in abundance. She said women have it because it is chiefly women who have to carry the burden of raising the family in PNG society.

"When it comes to commercial business, I believe that the obstacles that keep us from being good in business are rooted in the emotional, psychological and spiritual conditions that have shaped our thoughts. It is very much a cultural thing. We have been too long conditioned to do only certain tasks. In such things like business we have been conditioned to be seen but not heard.

"My own approach has been different. We have a dream and we are endeavouring to achieve our dreams, but following our instincts and our own natural hunches. For me, this is the cornerstone of my approach to personal finance, and it is with this that has brought my thoughts and wellbeing to have fun in learning all about business and wealth," Ms Kopkop said.

She said life in itself is a mega business and with self-knowledge and emotional clarity, a life of abundance is within reach for all in commercial business.

"In commercial as well as non commercial business, it is important to know what it is that you want you to do in business. One must have a vision. To do business, the idea must come from your mind, heart and soul. It must become your passion and as part of your well being.

"To be disciplined, l use devotion, honesty, and humility to energise my mental and physical energy in order to take the college through its role and responsibilities in support of human resource development for nationhood building," she said.

Ms Kopkop said to have money to start a viable business is a major obstacle. She said PNG women have yet to learn of the tremendous strides women have made in India and South East Asia through the benefits from micro-finance institutions.

She said women in these countries have grasped these advantages because they are disciplined and better money-managers, having to eke out the pittance that their cash-rich husbands dole out to them.

She said in Papua New Guinea today, many of women are confused about where to turn for reliable business information. Often women are confused about whom to ask for financial advice, bank loan facilities and maybe other unplanned questions.

"Often, when we do get answers to our questions, we are confused because we want to be sure those answers are correct. The answer is in better education for young women in schools," Ms Kopkop said.

She said the times are slowly changing. Many of the female students in Kopkop College are not content to be simple down-trodden housewives any more.

"They do not want to join the growing ranks of single mothers destined for a shackled life. They want to be doctors, chief executive officers, engineers, pilots and scientists. They want to share the benefits of higher standards in life.

"My philosophy and conviction is that women must learn the basic arts of business practices to do well in business," Ms Kopkop said.

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