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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kimbe policeman graduates from Law school

PHILIP Sukena, aged 50 from Loa village, Nakanai area in the Biala district is no ordinary policeman. 

This man who dropped out in grade ten and has no other higher education or tertiary level qualifications has something special to tell the younger generations of this country, why education does not stop when you are out after your basic formal education.

Philip is one of the 84 Law students that graduated last Wednesday at the Legal Training Institute (LTI) to be a professional lawyer.  Not only that but he received a Certificate of Achievement, a special award for constant attendance.

Philip is based at Kimbe as a police prosecutor and his passion to be a lawyer was ignited when professional lawyers walk into the court room looking down at the prosecutors as juniors.

His chance to be a lawyer was offered in 1998 when the police department initiated studies for diploma in law and prosecutions. He applied and was selected as one of the pioneers in the police force to join the program and graduated with a diploma in 2001 at the University of Papua New Guinea.

During that time his dream was greatly challenged when the police department put him off the payroll without realizing that he will serve the force. He paid for his own fees (self-sponsor) and completed his diploma course. He then served with the police force for six years.

He realized that there is a need to advance into doing his bachelor's degree so this time with the help and sponsorship of the police department through the law and justice sector program, he entered UPNG in 2007 and completed his bachelor degree in 2008. He then moved to LTI in 2009 and completed his studies. He is now a lawyer by profession.

At his graduation, he told this reporter that he is going back to the police department and thanked the department for seeing his needs to be a lawyer in serving his department and Papua New Guinea. He also thanked his wife back in Kimbe and his four sons and a daughter for their support as well as Senior Sergeant Andrew Moe at Games village police barracks in Port Moresby for his continued support.

At the end of this interview, his final words to the younger generations of this country is "Education doesn't stop where school ends."

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