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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kapris names ministers


TWO State Ministers were allegedly involved in the escape of the Papua New Guinea's most wanted criminal William Kapris and 11 others four weeks ago.

Police sources told Sunday Chronicle that Kapris told the policemen who arrested him that the two Ministers (named) provided K25,000 used in the planning of the prison escape.

Police Commissioner Gari Baki said he had not received any statement on these allegations.

However, if there is any truth, the normal process would be followed where the Ministers involved would be notified and taken in for questioning.

Meanwhile, Mr Baki revealed on Friday that there was a near clash between policemen who arrested Kapris and a unit from Mc Gregor late night on the Saturday when Kapris was arrested.

The Commissioner told Sunday Chronicle that policemen who arrested Kapris seemed to have forgotten all process and protocol by not taking Kapris to Boroko police station and locking him up.

Mr Baki said he was also not formally informed of Kapris's arrest as Kapris is the most wanted criminal and the Government had shown the urgency for the capture of Kapris by funding a special operation for his capture.

However, he was told of the arrest couple of hours later and by three different sources.

Mr Baki said as far as he is concerned Kapris is a convicted criminal and he is grateful that he was caught but the normal standard police process should have been followed.

He does not know why Kapris was not locked up and he has instituted an investigation to look into this.

He said when he learnt that Kapris was not at Boroko police cells, he directed Mr Huafolo and the Director for the Mobile units, David Manning to look for the unit and have Kapris taken to Bomana.

When Mr Manning's unit approached the vehicle with Kapris, guns were pointed at Mr Manning, resulting in a near shootout and that was around 12.45am, Mr Baki said.

The normal process would have been for Kapris to be brought back to Boroko police station, questioned and locked up but that did not happen and the policemen who arrested him were still driving him around for reasons known only to them.

Mr Baki also said he directed the policemen to take Kapris to Konedobu police headquarters for questioning by the intelligences unit but that was also defied.

The Commissioner revealed this when questioned about senior police officers interfering with the investigations.

An officer speaking on anonymity said Kapris told the policemen who were there with him before he was taken to Bomana, how the escape was planned, who was involved and the amount of money involved and the source of the money.

He also said: "Police hierarchy's involvement in the case is becoming obvious with the COP (Commissioner of Police) trying to see Kapris ... he is not the arresting officer ... Mr (name) had no right to stop the policemen from questioning Kapris and forcing them to take Kapris to Bomana," he said.

He said Mr Huafolo directed that policemen should not talk to Kapris and be taken directly to Bomana.

Mr Baki brushed aside claims of police hierarchy interfering in the normal process.

He said the decision he made were based on what was happening then when policemen chose to drive the criminal around and not take him in for questioning.

Metropolitan commander Fred Yakasa also denied receiving any report on the allegations of two ministers involved.

Kapris is the third men so far captured of the 12 escapees from the maximum prison.

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