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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Journalists reminded about corruption


CORRUPTION is abuse of position and power by public officials for own benefit and the benefit of others, journalists were told in a one-week workshop organised by the Media Council at Lamana Hotel.

The workshop was fruitful in that journalists became aware of roles which different sectors in society play in order to weed out corruption in the country.

John ToGuata, speaking during the workshop, said: "Corruption is as old as mankind, starting in the Garden of Eden. It is like cancer that eats away the moral principles and fiber of society."

He said corruption in Papua New Guinea was classified to an extent where it is something deeply rooted within all systems of the government.

The idea of 10% benefit is something people in position of power use to capitalise on failed service delivery mechanism of the Government. He said even the politicians are taking advantage of it, making it very difficult for the little people in the society.

He said corruption brings serious threat to internal security, political stability, national integrity and prosperity of the nation today.

Mr ToGuata , a member of the Fraud and Anti-corruption Sector, said the body was established in 2006 by the National Coordinating and Monitoring Mechanism as one of the 15 activity management teams (ATM) under the Law and Justice Program to implement certain activities through the Strategic Sector framework and has done a tremendous task. He said one of them is clearing of ghost names that benefited from Hides and Pogera developments.

He said the basic functions of his team are to work towards improving the functions of the formal law and justice system, improving sectoral coordination and resource use and increase focus on crime prevention and restorative justice.

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