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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Iwei questions RESI funds use


THE MEMBER for Telefomin, Hon. Peter Iwei has called on the Department of National Planning to fully explain the use of the RESI Funds.

Mr. Iwei wants the Department to reveal how the funds were used and the specific schools and provinces that benefited from the funds.

Speaking at a media conference in support of fellow PDM colleague, Obura-Wonenara's John Boito's call for an explanation to the awarding of K4 million to a dubious contractor for maintenance of Aiyura National High School infrastructure, the outspoken government backbencher said question must be asked on who had manipulated the system. "Is it the politicians or the bureaucrats? Most of us put in submissions after submissions and ended up with nothing," he said.

He said as the mandated State Leader representing the 40, 000 plus people of Telefomin he is entitled to some answers. We must not let this matter rest. There must be a proper investigation carried out into the use of these funds. Why some MPs got more than their fair share while the rest of us missed out, he said.

He said Telefomin High School, one of only two high schools in his electorate should have been considered for funding under this program because it is really run down.

"Instead I had to assist the school with K20, 000 from K300, 000 budgeted under my district's Education sector allocation. A further K30, 000 was paid to UPNG for students from my electorate," he revealed.

He said the K300, 000 was for Telefomin students studying in the various educational institutions throughout the country.

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