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Monday, February 22, 2010

Ipatas says no to nepotism


NEPOTISM should not be played at the expense of the lives of small people.

Enga Governor Peter Ipatas said this on Tuesday when calling the responsible authorities to immediately replace the Chief Executive officer of the Wabag General Hospital.

Mr Ipatas said, "I cannot compromise my people's health."

He made this direct call following a personal experience where there was allegedly no doctor on call to attend to his son who was sick last week after 10pm.

Mr Ipatas also said the CEO has not been working with and understanding the plight of doctors resulting in some of them leaving the province despite his government's efforts to provide cash incentives for them to remain in the province.

The Governor said the acting CEO is his relative and but the lives of the people are much more important than the employment and wellbeing of one relative.

Mr Ipatas said he made his position known for two years and he is now calling on the government to take action.

The Governor reveled that of the 12 doctors that started when the Wabag health center was given the hospital status, only three are remaining.

The man referred to as "action Governor" by his people said his government spent K3 million to have the health center upgraded and it has also been funding K250,000 as an incentive for the doctors since annually.
The governor said he has been following up with this for the last two years and nothing seems to have been done and all his calls have gone to deaf ears.

Mr Ipatas said his call is based on giving the best health services for his 300,000 people and stop them going to other neighboring provinces which may have associated problems.

He said he wants a medical doctor or a good administrator with sound management capabilities to run the hospital.

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