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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ihu people decry omission in project

THE Ihu people of Gulf province have raised concerns over why they have been left out of the gas and petroleum project.

The people from Harevavo to Iuku, the Kaivakovu and the large tribes of Kouri Miri have questioned why only the Pawaea people were recognised.

They said since the Petroleum Development License (PDL) has only recognised the Pawaea people, they must now tell the Ahia, Aripi Kaivakovu, Larihairu and the Iari people about their identity and history of their migration.

They said the current laws would only create instability and therefore Gulf Governor Havila Kavo must step in to help.

They questioned the Governor if their was any possibility of him releasing their mobilisation funds to allow for land mediation to be carried out.

The group, which gathered at the Apex Sports Park last Wed, said the Ihu people should not be by- passed in the development of their resources.

They demanded an explanation on why they were classified as Moresby landowners. They said there should never be any form of segregation of families by anybody in government.

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