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Sunday, February 14, 2010

'Govt must recognise agri difficulties'

THE Government has been asked to be appreciative of the difficulties rural Papua New Guineans will be faced with as a result of the LNG project.

Chairman of the Rural Industries Council, Brown Bai said the agriculture sector will be at the mercy of major non-renewable projects being undertaken particularly by the LNG project.

"With the level of investment in the LNG, the kina is expected to strengthen, agriculture exports will become expensive resulting in them not being competitive on the international markets," Mr Bai said.

The Rural Industries Chairman stressed that the prices of goods and services will continue to increase and average Papua New Guineans will not find it any easy to afford these services.

He said while the LNG investment is welcoming for the economy, the government must realise the reality its impact will have on ordinary citizens, majority of whom live in the rural areas.

Mr Bai said it is very important at this stage the government and stakeholders work together to put in place appropriate policies and strategies to safeguard the agriculture sector and rural communities from these effects.

The LNG project will derive huge income gains which the country has never experienced before, as such, the government must have the right policies to contain this huge revenues.

Mr Bai stressed that any effects on the agriculture sector will directly attack the welfare and income earning capabilities of the bulk of the country's population.

The RIC Chairman has urged the government to move quickly to introduce these policy instruments to protect the growth of the agriculture sector and the overall welfare of the people of this country.

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