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Monday, February 22, 2010

Govt action lacking in corruption fight: TIPNG

Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) is disgusted at the collapse of the governments financial management systems and the PAC reports clearly show a complete lack of accountability within the public service.

TIPNG said that it is very sad to learn from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) that from the 1,000 enquiries carried out by the PAC into the operations of various government agencies, hospital boards, and trust accounts, most have not complied with lawful requirements.

TIPNG said the government must wakeup, the PAC has sounded the alarm bells and the NEC must address this situation as the highest priority.

"We understand the various PAC reports have been sitting with the NEC gathering dust, if this is true then this is indeed an indictment on the members of the NEC," TIPNG said.

TIPNG said it is totally unacceptable that government, and particularly the National Executive Council, turn a blind eye to reports submitted by the PAC. From the point of view of the people when Government does not bother to respond to theft and malpractice it becomes an accomplice of those who are stealing and misusing the peoples’ resources.

This state of affairs suggests the government has no respect for the people it is sworn to serve and is certainly not serious about ensuring that proper procedures and regulations, particularly the Financial Management Act are adhered to by all agencies in a transparent manner.

TIPNG is also shocked to see the statement from the PAC indicating that a report submitted to the Government on the state of affairs of the Department of Lands & Physical Planning was never given consideration.

TIPNG said such lack of action by the government continues to feed and encourage more unlawful practices translating into non delivery of goods and services to ordinary Papua New Guineans. The PAC reports and the statement issued yesterday must resonate with the key people in Government that we are heading on a dangerous path.

"In the words of the PAC member and Governor Mal Kela-Smith, the loss of public funds as a result of corruption could be as high as 3 Billion kina. Consider what this means to us as a Nation, if these corrupt networks are able to steal 3 Billion kina of public monies within our current economic levels, how much more are they likely to steal when the revenues for the LNG start flowing, if we do not take firm and decisive action to fix our government systems," TIPING said.    

Meanwhile, TIPNG has commended the five best performing government organisations over the last five years.

They are the Bank of PNG, the Institute of Public Administration, Goroka & Alotau Hospital Boards and Post PNG. TIPNG commended these organisations that have managed to fulfil fiscal management requirements under the Public Finance Management Act and encourages their managers and staff to keep up the good work.

TIPNG said there is a desperate need for more organisations to follow the example of these organisations to ensure goods and services are delivered to the people.

TPNG also extended its thanks to the PAC for delivering its report and highlighting both the good and bad in public service accountability. TIPNG believed that the PAC is a vital arm of government oversight, and said it should be strongly supported in its work.

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