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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Do not confuse census with EC


ORGANISERS of Census 2010 have called on the people of Papua New Guinea to differentiate between the work of the Electoral Commission and that of the National Census.

Acting National Statistician, Kit Rongap said it is important that the people understand the difference between the working of the National Census and the Electoral Commission so that the people in the villages should not inflate numbers of people in their villagers when enumerators (those involved in the counting exercise) visit their villages.

Mr. Rongap said it is also important for the people to understand the work of the National Census so that enumerators are not chased away from the villagers when they go to each village to count the people.

"In the past, enumerators have been chased away from the villages because they think that supporters of different candidates are going around to count people before the elections," Mr. Rongap said.

Mr. Rongap said this fundamental difference has to be understood in order to achieve a trouble-free census this year.

Mr. Rongap's comments come as preliminary work on the nationwide, village by village enumeration begins.

This week, Census 2010 Officials were out in the provinces updating the Provincial Census Officers of what is expected of them.

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