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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dispute over Napa Napa land

THE Chairman of Kuriu (Kuna Kore) clan, Homoka Rei has spoken out against the Napa Napa Landowner Association headed by Pr. Hanua Gadiki of Gorou village and others.

He said that the association leadership's is in crisis because members are not traditional landowners of Napa Napa (DA5). He said Pr. is not from Roku village but from Gorou village.

He said the land, known as DA5, was acquired by the Colonial Administration in the 1800s. The land belongs to the Kuriu Clan and has always been demarcated traditionally in favor of two sub-clans from Roku village. The two sub-clans are Gaudi Kore and Kuna Kori.

He said the land includes the land on which the Napa Napa Oil Refinery now stands. This particular portion belongs to Kuna Kori sub-clan.

He said the Colonial Administration acquired it for no apparent use until the building of the Refinery and now the LNG #2 project at Hitau.

Mr Rei said the land has also been the subject of a National Land Declaration and proceedings are afoot before the National Land Commission.

"Since the time of acquisition right up to the establishment of the refinery, the rightful traditional owners have been abandoned. We have become mere spectators on our own land," Mr Rei said.

"We invite and welcome, our brothers and sisters from Gaudi Kore and Geita Kore sub-clan to work with us for the mutual benefit of everybody and to avoid unnecessary disruptions in the operations."

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