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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Disabled seek protection law


THE government has been urged to take ownership of disable people.

Chairman of the National Board for Disable Persons Brown Kapi told reporters that there are about 600,000 disabled people with different disabilities and the government must start now with the national population and housing census.

Mr Kapi, who is wheelchair ridden, is also calling on the government for a "homegrown, standalone" legislature for the disable people.

Mr Kapi said the legislature to complement the United Nations Charters would give the disable people some recognition and address the different imparities.

The legislature would provide for planners to include and consider the disable in any infrastructure development, employment opportunities and other areas where specialist attention is needed.

The chairman said the disabled are human beings who given the opportunity would contribute immensely to the development.

They must be treated with dignity and allow them equal opportunities to participate instead of seeing and tagging them as disable people.

Meanwhile, Mr Kapi has written to the National Statistical Office calling on them to include a separate census on the disabled people in the country.

He said the disable people have been deprived of their rights for the last 30 years and asked that the census teams collect the necessary data so that future planning could address the disable people.

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