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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Criminals steal K198,000 in Madang

A LOCAL business in Madang lost a large amount of money on Tuesday after three men walked away with K198 000 in cash.

The three suspects, armed with a homemade and factory made pistols, held up a security vehicle near Machine Gun Beach along the Coastwatchers Avenue when it was transporting the money it to its clients.

Madang Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Chief Inspector Tony Wagambie Jnr was furious at the manner in which the security firm transported the money.

PPC Wagambie Jnr said that the cash was transported without extra security measures taken, saying private security firms were paid to look after their clients properly and for a well established security company to lose such a large amount of money was unacceptable.

Chief Insp Wagambie Jnr said that the guards resisted but surrendered the money when the suspects threatened them with the homemade and factory made pistols and fled with the cash.

Two of the suspects were later arrested but without the money while the other is still at large presumably with the money.

PPC Wagambie Jnr said that one of the suspects was out on a National Court bail when he committed the offence last week.

Meanwhile, Mamose regional Assistant Police Commissioner Giossi Labi said that security companies who are paid to transport huge amounts of money for businesses should take extra care when carrying out such services.

Commander Labi did not rule out an inside job that led to the robbery, saying that the suspects would have not known about the transportation at such location unless someone must have informed them.

"This is unbelievable. How can they know that the security guards were transporting large amount of money? This is obviously an inside job," Commander Labi said after receiving the report.

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