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Sunday, February 7, 2010

CIC recruits four new coffee inspectors


THE REGULATORY body of the multi-million Kina coffee industry in PNG, the Coffee Industry Corporation Ltd has recruited four new coffee inspectors to boost its Industry Operations Division.

The four new coffee inspectors of the Coffee Industry Corporation were introduced to coffee 'cupping' recently.

'Cupping' is the term in the coffee industry, to describe the coffee quality process in which various coffee samples are roasted, grinded and brewed to taste and grade the samples according to various taste qualities.

It is one of the essential expertise required off coffee inspectors in conducting quality checks of coffee samples from different producers.

Coffee inspectors also ensure that coffees leaving the shores of PNG are of good quality so the consistency is maintained in the market.

The new coffee inspectors are, Rodney Kongri, Johnson Pusa, Lassy Amos and Freddy Otto.
Prior to cupping, the inspectors were trained how to identify defects in the green bean coffee samples according to the size, colour, content of foreign matters, and also the qualities if the roasted coffee beans.

" It is a new and interesting experience to taste and discover the different qualities of coffee, due to the fact that coffee is produces and processed according to quality," said Mr. Rodney Kongri, who aims to be an expert in the area of Cupping in the coming years.

The new inspectors are now acquiring further induction in CIC's Export office in Lae and also in its Mt Hagen office.

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