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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Basil calls for speaker's replacement


THE FAST deterioration and the near collapse of Papua New Guinea's National Parliament has prompted Bulolo MP Sam Basil to reiterate calls he made last year to have speaker Jeffery Nape replaced.

This follows Mr Nape's inability to look after the affairs of Parliament and the subsequent allegations of massive misuse of parliamentary funds as revealed by Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in recent hearings.

"I still stand by my call late last year that the National Parliament speaker must voluntarily step down or be voted out by the all parliamentarians for the sake of the national icon of Papua New Guinea the National Parliament," Mr Basil said.

The disgusted MP Basil who is also the member of the PAC said, "for more then two years working under the speakership of Hon. Jeffery Nape in a sub-standard environment of parliament has brought the office of the national parliament to a all time low since this highest institution's establishment."

"Reckless spending of parliament funds, toilet facilities equals the street standards, non-functioning of air-conditioning systems, no internet services available for parliamentarians, no proper insurance plan for MPs, improper payments for legal services and other unbudgeted items are just some example of a fail administrative system of parliament due to the speaker having too much power to spend money on a adhoc basis."

He called call on all Members of Parliament to make it their business to replace the speaker in the coming march session of parliament as it is no longer the government or the opposition matter anymore; the parliament has to be saved.

However, it is understood towards the end of last year Speaker Nape issued a press statement challenging MP Basil to stop making accusations and political point scoring but work together to save the Parliament.

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