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Monday, February 22, 2010

Airport security tightened


SECURITY at the Jacksons International Airport has been tightened up as per CAA instructions.

Entrance into the terminals, both Domestic and International, is now strictly either by ticket and ID card, by a Blue colored VIP Pass, green visitor pass accompanied with ID or a Blue CAA Pass.

This measure has apparently been put in place as a deterrent to armed holdups and other dangerous activities at the airport.

Four private Security firms have been contracted to assist the CCA security to implement these new security measures at the airport. The four private firms are SOS, PASS, CORPS and G4S (formerly Protect) Security Services.

When the Sunday Chronicle visited the Domestic Terminal on Thursday, the usual crowding and sweaty jostling, the harassed looks, the noise and the obstruction of unnecessary bodies blocking the path to the domestic traffic counters was gone. The few passengers waiting to check in all looked relaxed and there was plenty of breathing space.

It was evident that any untoward behavior would be easily detected and contained as security personnel were everywhere.

Darius Keake, a Shift Supervisor of the SOS Security detail manning the main entrance explained that even airport workers, pilots, air crew and ground personnel, business tenants housed in the terminal and CAA personnel themselves were subjected to ID scrutiny. "No body is exempt as per CAA instructions," he emphasized.

"A few of our educated elites have argued with my guards on a couple of occasions for being subjected to the enforcement of these restrictions. I appeal to the travelling public to understand that we are only carrying out the instructions of our employer," he said.

Erex Dino a SOS Guard revealed that even uniformed members of the disciplined forces were subjected to these regulations.

"Experience has shown that a uniform does not necessarily mean that the person wearing it is a genuine member of the Police, Army or CS. Crimes have been committed by criminals posing as members of the disciplined forces and it is really not much of a hassle to just produce an ID card to back up your ticket or boarding pass," he said.

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