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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wig men prepare to seek apology

A DELEGATION of Hela people offended by a doctored poster of President Barack Obama in traditional Huli attire and labeled an African with doctor are traveling to America to seek an apology.  Chairman of the Hela Gimbu Association Yalirima Damien Tipawi Arabagali makes a point at  the launch of the "No Huli Wig man" witchdoctor poster while Agibe Kenge and a wig man witness  the launch. Details on the previous post. Picture by  JOE IVAHARIA

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A fair deal of comments have been made on this here;

The US Embassy would be (and is) the first point of contact on issues like this and others.

The Embassy represents every US citizens, organisations, groups or what have you.

Therefore, it would serve the Huli Team time and money to get the issue registered here first and act appropriately given their advise.

The PNG Embassy in USA should also be across it and faciliate travels like this if that's what was advised. The Huli Team cannot travel alone without the blessings of these two offices. It's a country-to-country matter.

The public would be interested to know what the feedbacks or responses have been like since it first surfaced last year.

Most of PNGEan's views was that, they (US)cannot keep silent on this.

The manner in which the, Tea Baggers dragged one of PNG's iconic and sacred cultural item into a farce like this was clearly uncalled for and unacceptable. The world today is made better with mutual respect and cultural tolerance.