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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vanimo has new chief magistrate

VANIMO-based principal magistrate Jack August in the new Chief Magistrate, taking over from John Numapo.

Mr August's appointment was gazetted on January 15 this year after it was finalized by the Judicial and Legal Services Commission toward the end of 2009.

By close of business on Thursday this week, the former Chief Magistrate and only a few of his headquarters staff were shown official documentation on the new appointment.

Instructions issued by the Chief Magistrate designate were dispatched from Vanimo through certain emissaries who "raided" the grounds of the Magisterial Services headquarters at Paga Hill in downtown Port Moresby.
With exchanges of a few pleasantries, surprised though, the few doubt stricken officers were told that it was official that the country has a new Chief Magistrate.

A delegation of senior magistrates flew in to Port Moresby over the weekend from around the country to ensure that their new Chief Magistrate is ushered in, and settled onto his new job.

Tomorrow, Monday January 25, the country's new Chief Magistrate would commence duties, ending weeks of speculation, and bringing in an air of relief, according to this group of magistrate in flew into Port Moresby ahead of their new chief.

The formalizing of the appointment would also bring a sense of stability and certainty to this important arm of government, they said. 

Behind the scene activities in the last two weeks had had the potential to ridicule, if not undermine the credibility of the judiciary, especially the magisterial services.

Two weeks ago there was a law suit instituted by an aggrieved party over the decision of Judicial and Legal Services Commission of the appointment of the new Chief Magistrate. However, with the publication of the gazettal notice, the battle through the courts to withhold pronouncement of the appointment of the Chief Magistrate may now appear to be history.

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